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Developing a Creative Reasoning Muscle

Developing a Creative Reasoning Muscle


“There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed.” — Ernest Hemingway

Most children feel this way when they sit down to write. And not surprisingly, because writing is hard, even for Hemingway.  

Great writing is part creativity and part reasoning skills.

Mrs Wordsmith introduces children to these skills at a young age, so that writing becomes increasingly effortless — and even joyful.



How? There are several values that are woven throughout our module.

Firstly, our engaging visuals stimulate story ideas and creative thinking.

Second, the daily workbook is designed for children to self-learn, an important part of developing a love of words.  

Third, we ask children to map relationships between words using the illustrations and the definitions to help them along. This mapping exercise helps them develop reasoning skills.

And lastly, we teach in themes that form the building blocks of storytelling. Children naturally learn that stories have a natural shape of character, settings and actions.


Activity Cards

Writing well goes beyond what is expected from children in school. Writing is a critical life skill. Children who eventually become proficient at writing — at sharing their story and communicating their point of view — can unlock a world of new opportunities.  

We are, after all, a storytelling society. The ability to tell and share stories is what enables us to connect with others, and to one day build and manage great teams.

It all starts with having a love of language and a great vocabulary!

Using the Mrs Wordsmith Booklet


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