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dragon looking at screaming food in fridge


What is personification?

Personification is a writing technique used to give typically human abilities, feelings, or other qualities to animals, plants, or objects. 

This is a creative literary device and figure of speech that can help you inject some extra fun and excitement into your prose, or to boost the imagery on the page. 

Personification brings non-human creatures and things to life, and is one of the ways you can let your imagination run wild while writing!


The cold wind bit my skin.

Personified: the wind

Examples of personification:

Fortnite wrestled the book out of my hands.

"Fortnite wrestled" is a personification here.

The lightning and thunder argued loudly.

"Lightning and thunder argued" is a personification here.

My homework glared at me from the table.

"Homework glared" is a personification here.

The wind howled in the night.

Where "wind howled" is a personification.

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Distance learning classroom

Classroom materials need to be more visual and exciting, and the Bitmoji Classroom is here to stay. Post these examples on your Bitmoji Classroom Bulletin Board or Whiteboard, and download one of dozens of our free customizable Bitmoji templates!

These are also perfect for sharing to Google Classroom. Or simply save them to Google Drive and build a creative writing folder to keep your examples handy. 

Seesaw ideas: Use Seesaw’s record function to read an example aloud and give students some tips on why this is personification. 

Copy a jpeg into a Google slide and ask students to illustrate the personification on Seesaw, or continue the paragraph. Ask students to write their own technology personification examples. 

Bitmoji Classroom Template

dragon looking at screaming food in fridge

Why is this important to learn?

Personification helps add interest to a student's writing, and expands their descriptive toolkit. 

It will also help them to better understand common expressions and famous quotes that use this technique. For example, "New York is the city that never sleeps."

Encourage young writers to imagine human traits for the things and creatures around them. Doesn't the sound of the bus sound a bit like nervous humming? What do the leaves blowing along the sidewalk remind them of? 

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