WHen should i use i or me?

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When should i use i or me?                 

Even the most experienced writers and speakers sometimes have trouble deciding whether to use I or me when talking about themselves and one or more other people in a situation. But technically (and helpfully!) the pronouns I and me serve two different functions: I should be used when a subject (a person/thing performing an action) is required, and me should be used when an object (a person/thing receiving or being affected by the action) is required.

An easy way to figure out which one is needed is to drop the other person out of the sentence. For example, does Tommy and me went to the store sound right? Drop Tommy and from the sentence and you’ll have me went to the store. Nope! This doesn’t make sense! I went to the store is correct. So you know that you need to swap me for I: Tommy and I went to the store.


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When the storm tipped over our canoe, Yin and I fell into the water.

A subject is required, so we use Yin and I.

More examples: 

Would you use i or me?

In the summer, Oz and _?_ eat ice cream every day. 

I is missing from this sentence.

Barksy and _?_ both love art, so we’re going to paint the sunset together tonight. 

I is missing from this sentence.

The monster chased my friends and _?_ all the way down the mountain.

Me is missing from this sentence.

My grandfather used to bake my siblings and _?_ the most delicious birthday cakes.

Me is missing from this sentence.

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