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Rocket fuel words for young brains

Teach them the words they need for life. Reserve the Early Years Journey from Mrs Wordsmith, and give your child a promising head start.

Yin and Yang

Illustrated vocabulary for ages 4-7

Accelerate your child’s learning at home and at school, with the words they need for socio-emotional development, collaboration and self-expression.

The Mrs Wordsmith Early Years journey is built on data science from our own Cambridge University researchers, and is illustrated by the Hollywood artists behind Madagascar.

All the same research-backed, laugh-out-loud resources as our Narrative Journey, specifically tailored for younger learners.

Show them the words for life

We have the words young children need for the best start in life.

  • Boost their socio-emotional skills
  • Improve their ability to collaborate
  • Help them develop empathy
  • Build their ability to reason
  • Set them up for success at school
  • Backed by leading research
Early years product box

Never too young to learn

Mrs Wordsmith encourages young children to talk about new words, to sound them out from day one.

Why? Because oral literacy is a precursor to reading and writing. Your child’s ability to communicate verbally has a direct impact on comprehension, and academic success later on.

By presenting new words in context, with the colourful, character-driven visuals children need to remember them, we’ve created rocket fuel for young brains.


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