Whether your child is tackling phonics, learning sight words, or just trying to get to grips with school life, our range of books and games is guaranteed to accelerate their reading give them a head start at school.

Asset 20You wont want to miss Mrs Wordsmith. It has engaging and fascinating content, enabling children to learn vocabulary.Professor Susan NeumanProfessor of Early Childhood and Literacy Education

Give them a head start this school year with our range of products that accelerate reading. Master sight words, learn thousands of epic must-have words, and make every day EPIC.


50% improvement in vocabulary

A study by the National Literacy Trust found that Mrs Wordsmith helped kids perform 50% better on vocabulary tests.

Rated 5 stars

Rated 5 stars

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200,000+ products sold

200,000+ products sold

The right words in more places

Trusted by parents and teachers

Trusted by parents and teachers

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