Gritty and tenacious. Grit is a straightforward, no-nonsense mechanic. He likes to be left alone, but never shies away when his friends need him.

Grit’s custom-designed scooters are masterful. Learn enough words to buy yourself the coolest set of wheels in the Scooter Garage.

Plato is a hot-headed and passionate chef. He rarely thinks before he speaks, and wants nothing more than to make delicious food for the ones he loves.

Plato’s food tech empire stretches from the Food Tech Lab on Blabber Mountain, to the Taco Shack on Blabber Beach, all the way to the Bao Wow in Blabber Market. Test your culinary talent with the robot chef and food delivery minigames.

Oz is a trailblazing designer. She’s short on resources but full of resourcefulness, and determined to change the world around her. With her powerful 3D printer and her eye for design, there isn’t anything that she can’t create.

Learn and earn at Oz’s boutique. Try on extravagant clothes or browse the latest in Scootie furniture for your home.

Bogart is a slimy but charismatic salesman. He’ll draw you in with his smile, but be warned — he’s usually up to something.

Learn words and find anything you need at the press of a button. The prices at Wheelmart — Bogart’s megastore — are famously low, maybe even suspiciously low...

Bearnice is a marine conservationist. She’s the bear who doesn’t dare to eat fish!  Compassionate and completely un-shellfish, she wants to change the undersea world.

Shang High is a laid-back DJ. He’s talented and cool, but sometimes seems to have his head in the clouds.

Learn more words to get invited to exclusive in-app parties and concerts.

Brick is a dedicated athlete. He’s very competitive and might appear tough, but he also has a surprisingly soft side.

He has the most gruelling scooter park of all. Check it out!

Yin and Yang are twin babies. They’re also complete opposites. Yin is sensible. Yang is out of control.

Hang out at the Milk Bar and scoot around the treetop trampoline park as you power through new words.

Armie is a brilliant inventor. He’s curious and intellectual, but can sometimes be a little shy and awkward.

This is where the technology that drives Blabberville is made. Learn words about innovation and earn mind-boggling minigames and accessories.

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