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Mrs Wordsmith Teacher Ambassadors know why words matter. They’re thought leaders in vocabulary learning. They bring kids, parents, and teachers together around a shared belief in the power of words.

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A key part of Teacher Ambassadors’ duties is our new #EPICWordaDay Instagram movement. Every day, we’ll post vocabulary and images to capture kids’ imaginations and make them laugh as they fall in love with words.

Together, with Lexile and Getty Images, we’re pairing academically-relevant vocabulary with quality, contemporary images that kids can relate to, learn from, and share. Lexile is the USA’s leading reading assessment company, assessing millions of kids’ reading age every year. And Getty Images gives us access to up-to-date images around sports, culture, celebrity and more.

It’s Teacher Ambassadors’ job to spread the words! Research shows that kids who reinforce their school learning at home get more out of education. Share our posts with students, parents, and the wider teaching community, and encourage everyone to follow @mrswordsmithofficial.

Asset 1Coming december Teacher Ambassadors will be first to receive news and updates on Epic Word Adventure - the most exciting educational game ever, designed to help kids increase their reading age and ace their exams.

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