Your day isn’t epic until you’ve learned a new word #epicwordaday

Mrs Wordsmith will be launching their Teacher Ambassador, Word a Day Campaign.

Mrs Wordsmith is a team of artists, game designers, writers, data scientists, teachers, and researchers, all on a joint mission to teach every child in the world more epic words through books and apps.

Children today are exposed to mind-blowing entertainment on a daily basis, and yet literacy has remained firmly rooted in the past, stuck in a cycle of outdated and uninspiring content. Until now, that is. We are bringing Hollywood-quality animation, state-of-the-art game design, data-driven curation, and research-backed pedagogy to word learning, to inspire a generation.

The world is made of epic words and epic words can change the world. This forms the basis of everything we do. We teach vocabulary sourced from global curriculum lists to make sure that kids learn the essentials, but we don’t stop there. Our words help foster modern values and accelerate their potential in the world today - socially, emotionally, and academically.

We want every child in every city to go on a word learning adventure, and for you to join us in building this word-learning community. We believe that a child’s day isn’t epic until they’ve learnt a new word. You can help us make that happen.

We will be carefully selecting teachers to qualify as

Mrs Wordsmith
Word Learning Experts

Join our campaign to teach a new word to every child, in every school around the world, every day.


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