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  • Phonics Part 2

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    Designed with assessment experts for K-Grade 1

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    • Instant download after payment
    • Accurately covers content for K-Grade 1. Compliant with state assessments.
    • 113 pages featuring 48 phoneme-grapheme correspondences
    • Includes diagraphs, silent letters, and "magic e"
    • Unique! Has audio support to hear how to pronounce sounds correctly
    • Proven methods to increase retention so kids make fewer mistakes
    • Includes answer sheets so children can work independently

    Learn phonics the right way

    Mrs Wordsmith’s Foolproof Reading phonics programme was designed with literacy experts and is aligned to the school curriculum.

    Loved by parents, teachers, and kids

    • Easy to follow with clear and simple instructions - you don’t need to be an expert!
    • Teaches another 48 grapheme-phoneme correspondences, including new representations for familiar phonemes and new pronunciations of familiar graphemes
    • Provides letter-writing practice
    • Unique audio support - hear how to pronounce sounds correctly
    • Includes answer sheets, reward charts to track progress, and badges for added motivation
    • No need to print - they’re typable too!

    Designed for children in Year 1

    It’s divided into five easy-to-follow levels that follow the national Letters and Sounds curriculum. Levels 1-5 are covered in Fooloproof Phonics Part 1.

    In Levels 6-10, kids learn:

    • Diagraphs such as ay, ea, and oy
    • ‘Magic e’ - a split digraph in which the presence of the letter e makes the previous vowel longer, as in shake and bite
    • New representations of already-learned phonemes as well as new pronunciations for familiar graphemes
    • Graphemes with silent letters such as gn in gnaw and the kn in knight
    • After completing Foolproof Phonics Parts 1 and 2, kids will be familiar with 98 grapheme-phoneme correspondences and will be able to decode short, regularly spelled words.
    Phonics Part 2

    Phonics Part 2

    Phonics Part 2


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