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See it! Stick it!

Introducing two new instalments of our popular See It! Stick It! books! They’re the interactive, fun way for kids to learn the words that really accelerate their reading - with stickers! 

See It! Stick It! vols 3 and 4 are the perfect next step for kids who have already mastered books 1 and 2. A set of two sight words sticker books, each one features 100 slightly more challenging sight words than the first two volumes.

  • Accelerates kids’ reading
  • A set of two books, with 200 sight words to learn in total
  • A fun, reusable sticker for every word!
  • Words to learn include days of the week, colors, irregular verbs, and common prepositions
  • Learn to recognize words and match them with the stickers to reinforce learning
  • Scan the page with a device to hear pronunciation


    What are sight words and why do they matter?

    Sight words are high-frequency words that often involve irregular spelling, making them tricky for children to decode. Because these words are so common, stumbling across them can slow down children’s reading. This is why literacy experts recommend that children learn by heart what these words look like.

    Automatically reading these words in texts leaves children’s brains free to decode less frequent words with more regular spelling. This means reading becomes more fluent, and children are freer to concentrate on what words mean.

    Using See it! Stick it!

    See it! Stick it! couldn’t be more straightforward to use - or more fun! Each sight word has its own sticker at the back of the book - and kids have to figure out the right place to stick it by recognising the word. It’s engaging, interactive, and it works.

    Each sight word is also accompanied by an example sentence to provide context and clarify meaning, as well as a QR code which can be scanned with a device for audio pronunciation. And with stickers designed to be used multiple times, kids can tackle each word again and again.

    What our customers say

    quote I love using these, I am a reading consultant, parent and primary school teacher - there are so many strands as to why this works. It ticks so many skills that are necessary to learn to love reading independently.
    quote I really enjoy your books we have them all. We have this for my 3yr old. On his first attempt he managed to remember and read 'the', he was also able to find the matching sticker and being able to stick it on himself.

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