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  • Start a Word a Day Habit in 10 Days!

    Build children's storytelling vocabulary and creative writing abilities. Take the first steps in creating a lifelong word-learning habit with our free Word a Day printable.

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    • Helps to develop KS2 advanced vocabulary to aid reading comprehension and creative writing skills
    • For ages 7 - 11

    Learn a fun storytelling word every day

    Use this free Word a Day printable to create a daily word learning habit that will last a lifetime - in just 10 days! Every day, simply read the word and definition, enjoy the hilarious illustration, and look at all the supporting data to consolidate word learning. Plus, there’s a writing prompt for every word to inspire mind-blowing storytelling.

    Bite-sized is best

    Research shows that learning words “little and often” is 90% more effective than cramming lots of words in one go. Our Word a Day resources were developed by academics, experienced teachers, and exam experts to ensure they help kids get results.

    Start a Word a Day Habit in 10 Days!

    Start a Word a Day Habit in 10 Days!

    Start a Word a Day Habit in 10 Days!
    Free Download
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