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10,000 words matter to academic success from the age of 7 to 17.

We're illustrating these words with the award-winning artist behind Madagascar and Hotel Transylvania, so you can learn them in one minute a day.

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The more words you know, the higher your reading age. The higher your reading age, the better your academic results. It's that simple.

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What You Get

Every month, we'll send you three easy tools to help you learn up to 1,500 new words in six months.


The ultimate reference tool

The world's largest collection of storytelling words in one binder. Refer to it over and over again.


The one minute daily word challenge

Our word of the day workbook is packed with one minute maps. These bring context to vocabulary and make it easy to pair words so you can start using them right away. Think 'bulging eyes' or 'bulging wallet'.


Addictive Big Fat Hairy Cards

Practice what you learn with these cards. After all, there are 10,000 better words to use than big, fat and hairy! Pair words like 'blundering fool', or 'blundering politician'.

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"His reading age just shot up."

Michael Bailey, Parent

"Mrs Wordsmith provides materials to stimulate those important conversations, in a funny, engaging way. Talk to them about words. Your children will benefit immeasurably. You'll be amazed."

Helen Lowe, Headmistress, Bute House Preparatory School for Girls

Our Mission

Our mission is to connect every young person to the words they need to know, in the fastest and most unforgettable way, so they can enjoy the journey and avoid cramming.