“This reading game is a dream for parents and educators.”
Susan B Neuman, Professor Childhood Education and Literacy Development, NYU

The most comprehensive learn to read app created by literacy experts

1500 levels to master the five foundational building blocks of reading.
  • Builds a love of reading for ages 4-8
  • Develops and assesses reading fluency
  • Two years of literacy curriculum covering US ELA standards & UK National Curriculum
  • Characters by the award-winning artist behind Madagascar and Hotel Transylvania
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Help the animals reach the Milk Bar of Dreams Treetop Library by teaching them to read!

  • Unlock jars of fireflies, hot tubs, and more for your Treetop Library
  • Make milkshakes. The animals need energy to read!
  • Build your Treetop Library with Choose Your Own Adventure Books
  • Progress up the Readerboard
Susan Neuman

Professor of Childhood and Literacy Education NYU. Formerly Asst. Secretary of Education in the US. She was inducted to the Reading Hall of Fame.

Ted Briscoe

Professor of Computational Linguistics and Director of ALTA at University of Cambridge.

Eleni Savva

In-House Pedagogy Lead and Curriculum Manager. PhD in Linguistics, University of Cambridge.

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