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The word journeys

Ready to start exploring? We’ve paved the way to a richer vocabulary with a series of exhilarating journeys your child will love. No more cramming, no more memorising impossible word lists. Just the words they need, brought to life.


The Narrative Journey

Develop storytelling, communication and description skills

Designed for ages 7 to 11

The Narrative Journey teaches children 1500 storytelling words. This journey is designed to help them express themselves, whether they’re writing a story for school, or telling you about their day. Over six months, your child will learn words to describe the following:

Month 1


Month 2


Month 3

taste & smell

Month 4


Month 5


Month 6


Mrs WordSmith Persuasion Journey

The Persuasion Journey

Giving learners of all ages the words to state an opinion

Designed for all ages (adults included)

Having the vocabulary to state your case and engage in intelligent debate is important whatever your age. When children, teens and adults articulate their opinions clearly, with the right words, we go beyond black and white, to bring life to the way we communicate. These are the words you’ll find in the Persuasion Journey.

Coming soon
Mrs WordSmith Growth Journey

The Growth Journey

Wordsmith your way to a little better every day

Designed for all ages (adults included)

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and the experiences that build happiness and mental resilience accumulate over a lifetime. The Growth Mindset Journey provides the vocabulary to help you or your child understand and articulate change on a daily basis. Because when you have the words to help you improve a little more every day, anything is possible.

Coming soon