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Bestsellers Bundle

Bestsellers Bundle

Get our top-selling books in cost-saving bundles - buy R-r-ready for School, Storyteller's Word a Day, and Storyteller’s Illustrated Dictionary together and save $7.50!

It’s perfect if you have kids of different ages, or if you’re stocking up on birthday gifts for the young wordsmiths in your life.

Storyteller's Word a Day fires 6-12 year-olds’ imagination. It’s packed with rich, descriptive vocabulary for all aspects of storytelling, from describing characters’ appearance, actions, and emotions, to creating vivid, memorable story worlds.

Storyteller’s Illustrated Dictionary is the dictionary reimagined, designed to help children write brilliant stories, excel at school and in life.

R-r-ready for School Word a Day prepares 3-6 year-olds to flourish at school. Words are curated around topics such as problem solving, creativity, personal hygiene, and emotional awareness.


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