How to Make a Video Game

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How to Make a Video Game

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Ages 6–13

Everything you need to know to become a tech blabillonaire

Who doesn't want to get paid to play video games when they grow up?

  • Learn how video games are made
  • Data-driven vocabulary covering key game development concepts
  • Artwork by the creative talent behind Hollywood favourites including Madagascar, Hotel Transylvania, and Spiderman: Into the Spider-Verse

What makes a great video game? What skills do you need to design one? What can go wrong?

This hilariously illustrated, character-rich book is the must-have manual for any budding tech entrepreneur. An epic story that will keep kids hooked, it's packed with the vocabulary you need for every stage of the game development process, from concepting to&nbssp;launch.

Learn the difference between an RPG and an endless runner. Learn how to find bugs and and the best way to fix them.

Anyone can make a video game. You just need to know how!

What our customers say

Love it! Not sure who learned more - the kids or their dad... Non-stop laughing through this book! quote
quote A parent’s dream book. Genius. Thanks Mrs Wordsmith!

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