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The Narrative Journey

The building blocks of storytelling, hilariously illustrated by the Hollywood artists behind Madagascar. Buy monthly, or all at once. Designed for ages 6-13.

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Two ways to get the Narrative Journey

Mrs Wordsmith Narrative Journey Monthly Box

The monthly subscription box

  • Illustrated Word of the Day workbook with that month’s words
  • Word pair cards
  • New workbook and cards every month
  • Word of the Day workbook stand (in your first month)
  • Dictionary for all your Mrs Wordsmith words (in your month six box)
Mrs Wordsmith Narrative Journey Full Set Box

The full set box

  • Mrs Wordsmith gift storage box
  • All the Narrative Journey set in one go, including: Workbooks; Word Pair cards; Word of the Day workbook stand
  • A binder to keep your words safe

What you get

Mrs Wordsmith Narrative Journey Workbook

Word of the Day workbook

Learn the word. Build a word wall. Remember it.

Mrs Wordsmith Narrative Journey Cards

Word Cards

Commonly paired words for use on the go.

Mrs Wordsmith Narrative Journey Stand


Put the Word of the day workbook stand somewhere obvious. Build a daily habit.

Plus these great extras

Mrs Wordsmith Narrative Journey Text Reminder Service

Text reminder service

Enter your phone number at checkout to get your daily word reminder via text message.

Mrs Wordsmith Narrative Journey Illustrated Dictionary


Get the definitions for all your Mrs Wordsmith words. Only with the monthly subscription box (delivered with month six).

Mrs Wordsmith Narrative Journey Binder


Store your words safely in a full-colour binder, for reference later on. Only with the full set box.

Download a free sample

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Backed by research

brain bites illustration

Teaching a new word alongside its common word pairs increases the speed and efficiency of vocabulary learning and shows children how to use it.

Cartoons are a very effective way to present vocabulary. Images carry visual meaning, while laughter releases dopamine which activates long-term memory.

80% of new words children learn are acquired through direct explanation rather than ‘figuring it out’ through reading.

Five minutes of daily vocabulary study helps children develop word consciousness and accelerates self-driven learning.

The Benefits

All of our journeys are directly relevant to what children learn in school, and are designed to drive achievement across the curriculum, and throughout their lives.

Boosting literacy

Giving children the tools to express themselves more richly, and meet the increasing demands of the classroom.

Accelerating reading and writing age

Children learn new words in context, helping them to understand and retain them more efficiently and effectively.

Developing word consciousness

A vital skill for helping children notice and become curious about new words, so that they use them at school and at home.

Bringing words to life

Research shows that children learn easier and faster when information is presented visually.

Mrs Wordsmith Narrative Journey

Our customers love us

“The programme integrates words based on what children need to not only strengthen their vocabulary and reading skills but their writing skills as well. Integration is key.”

Primary teacher

“Mrs Wordsmith stands out from the crowd because they have created an intuitive and visually stunning dictionary that children and schools love.”

Professor Ted Briscoe
Professor of Computational Linguistics at the University of Cambridge

“It is 100% research-based and we have found that practising word pairs not only helps with remembering words, but increases fluency in writing as well.”

Teacher blogger

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Designed for ages 2–5

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