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Your classroom, transformed

Teach the words that matter for academic success. Get the Classroom Starter Set and build their vocabulary for life.

Storyteller's Illustrated Dictionary

The perfect accompaniment to any story

The world’s largest illustrated storyteller’s dictionary is dripping with inspiration. Packed with 4000 words, expertly picked and blended by leading lexicographers, the Storyteller's Illustrated Dictionary is filled cover to cover with hilarious illustrations from the Hollywood artist behind Madagascar.

Why choose Mrs Wordsmith?

Educate: Empower pupils to succeed

Vocabulary is a foundational part of learning in all subjects. By giving children the words they need to make literature more accessible, you’ll set them up for a lifetime of success.

Mrs Wordsmith is curated and illustrated with the help of leading academics, researchers and artists from around the world.


Engage: Bring words to life

The more children enjoy learning, the easier it is to teach them. You’ve always known this, but now you have the tools to turn that knowledge into a practical reality.

Hilariously illustrated and easy to use, this is visual word learning that works.


Elevate: Supercharge your teaching

So much in technology these days seeks to replace teachers, but we think you’re awesome, and that nobody can teach a child like you. It’s why we give you the tools to create lesson plans your pupils will love, and that will turn you into a superhero.

With the same resources for home and school, learning is finally linked. We are here for you.


Backed by research

brain bites illustration

Teaching a new word alongside its common word pairs increases the speed and efficiency of vocabulary learning and shows children how to use it.

Cartoons are a very effective way to present vocabulary. Images carry visual meaning, while laughter releases dopamine which activates long-term memory.

80% of new words children learn are acquired through direct explanation rather than ‘figuring it out’ through reading.

Five minutes of daily vocabulary study helps children develop word consciousness and accelerates self-driven learning.

Read more about our research

Our customers love us

  • The programme integrates words based on what children need to not only strengthen their vocabulary and reading skills but their writing skills as well. Integration is key.

    Primary teacher

  • Children's overall vocabulary increased on average by 50% with Mrs Wordsmith.

    National Literacy Trust

  • It is 100% research-based and we have found that practising word pairs not only helps with remembering words, but increases fluency in writing as well.

    Teacher blogger

  • We have been learning with Mrs Wordsmith over the last term. In every English lesson we have a word of the day. Some of the type of words we have had are eye words, beautiful words, big and fat words and small and thin words. Mrs Wordsmith is really fun to use and every time we have a new word we have to say what the word is the same as or something that goes with that word.

    Year 6 pupil at St Gabriel's School, UK